FOREVER Cherry Sakura Cera High Density Ceramic Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife 120mm (White)

Japanese Chef Knife

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Japanese cuisine is world-wide known for its amazing aesthetics that binds along with excellent, unique flavors of fresh, fine-selected ingredients – specifically fish. Not only Japanese delicacies like Nigiri, Maki, Uramaki, or Temaki are extremely popular and well-known for they are convenient foods, but the delicate flavors along with the contrasting exoticness from spices like Wasabi are what makes Japanese food special and different among the rest.

Another famous Japanese dish is known as ‘Sashimi’ – a Japanese menu that only features raw fish and/or seafood pieces without the presence of traditionally formed Japanese rice balls. Sashimi tops the charts for its delicate and subtle flavors of freshly-selected, fine ingredients which often feature Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Japanese Mackerel, Octopus, Squid, and Halibut. Traditionally, Sashimi can be enjoyed purely, but with the exotic flavors of seafood and fish, some prefer to have side dishes and liquid condiments to enjoy fresh raw fish and mouth-watering seafood with. The unique Japanese Nitsume sauce, Shoyu, and Wasabi further makes every single bite more delicious and extraordinary.

As unique flavors of Japanese food and its aesthetics keeps diners and gourmets drowning in the pool of curiosity and the desire for more, sushi and sashimi dishes are loved by almost everyone. Sushi and sashimi are world-famous dishes not only for the satisfaction the tastes and flavors provide to the tastebuds, but the mastery of the blades required to perfectly slice through, fillet, and chop the fresh, raw ingredients in popular Japanese delicacies grab the attention of gourmets. Professional chefs and culinary experts are often in the search for a great collection of cutleries, specifically Japanese knives, to aid in the crafting of traditional, mouth-watering delicacies.

Among the vast variety of Japanese knife series and models, there are only some Japanese knives worth having in collection, whether it is purchased for professional-use or collecting purposes. A great Japanese knife to purchase, though, not only needs to fit the criteria of being one that serves the purpose of making a particular dish – it will also have to be durable, rust-resistant, not easily stained, and forged with a premium-quality steel – with a Rockwell hardness value high enough to prevent the blade body from cracking when there is extreme force exertion, cutting through harder ingredients like thick or dense bones. A good Japanese knife will also have to be of high-performance, is efficient for specific uses (or techniques), and most importantly, have unique and original designs based on their own brand concept or inspired by certain Japanese traditional art forms.
There are a plenty of Japanese knife brands out in the market. Among the top-tier, high-quality brands, FOREVER is known for its unique cherry blossom Cera ceramic knife series that not only is perfect for cutting through almost anything, but is a knife series with perfectly equipped blade body and an ergonomic knife handle that wows professional users and world-wide Japanese food aspiring chefs.

FOREVER Cherry Sakura Cera High Density Ceramic Japanese Chef’s Gyuto knife 120mm (White) is an amazing Gyuto knife which can effortlessly cut through almost any kind of ingredients with ease. Its main material is high-density ceramic, a premium-quality material used to make the blade body. This Gyuto knife by FOREVER comes with a razor-sharp, extremely lightweight body that enables users to confidentially grab onto the handle and utilize the knife perfectly. Despite being a multi-tasking kitchen knife, FOREVER Cherry Sakura Cera High Density Ceramic Japanese Chef’s Gyuto knife 120mm (White) is also a highly durable knife model with high edge retention often recommended by culinary experts and Japanese chefs from different parts of the globe, further pushing forward its success and popularity among Japanese food lovers, gourmets, and aspiring chefs.