Sakai Takayuki Knife Collections for Sashimi and Sushi

Japanese Chef Knife

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There are a wide variety of knife selections out there that will definitely help Japanese chefs and professionals in the crafting of authentic, traditional Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi pieces. Sashimi is a dish which only consists of fine selected raw fish slices, while sushi, on the other hand, are pieces of raw fish and other seafood or meat toppings beautifully sliced and placed on traditionally formed, cooked Japanese rice mixed with vinegar, sugar, and salt. As these two types of Japanese food are somewhat similar to each other, Japanese food chefs and culinary experts often are in the search for professional Japanese knives to ease in the intricate processes.

Slicing fish, chopping vegetables, and cutting through varying ingredient selections may sound like ordinary, simple tasks. However, in the crafting of Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi dishes, the mastery of the blades is required in order to successfully climb up the ladder of completing intricate cooking processes and feed the curiosity of diners who expect a great dining experience.

Japanese cuisine tops the world charts with its uniqueness

The exotic, yet blissful blends of subtle ingredient selections create original flavors and scents that please the tastebuds. With this being the best part of Japanese food, Japanese food chefs and culinary experts tend to look for just the most suitable equipment and tools to aid in their cooking processes and food preparation. Among the essential culinary tools, Japanese knives hold the highest significance and importance as they play an important role in the making of sushi and sashimi dishes (intricate and delicate dishes in general). Japanese knife brands are often based in Japan, an origin and birthplace of the Samurai blades with a long history dated back to the 8th century. Most cities like Sakai, Seki, Echizen, and Tsubame are those with rich, cultured traditions when it comes to the forging of Japanese knives and even the making of other culinary tools.

Authentic, traditional blade forging techniques are being carried from generations to generations to create high-performance, top-tier quality blades adapted into Japanese knives we have today.

Although there are a wide variety of Japanese knife brands in Japan, one of the most-trusted brands with premium quality blades that are durable and efficient is Sakai Takayuki. With a long history of over 600 years, Sakai Takayuki is well-known and highly respected for its premium quality blade bodies forged with extremely hard steel types and are all forged to be supremely sharp. All knife models and series are hand-crafted and forged to meet various needs of knife users. With unique designs that portray and express the Japanese traditions, Sakai Takayuki is also loved by knife collectors worldwide.

Knife Selections and Recommendations

A master in the creations of numerous knife models and series to meet the needs and specific requirements knife users might have, Sakai Takayuki’s two top knife selections include: Sakai Takayuki Tenryu Damascus and Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren (Aogami steel No.2). Although there are other great knife models, these are the two best-selling knives by Sakai Takayuki.
Sakai Takayuki Tenryu Damascus knife series feature beautiful, elegant dragon illustrated on blade bodies with a core of Aogami No.2 steel.

This guarantees users highest wear resistance, durability, and toughness needed to keep the knife in good condition at all times. Sakai Takayuki Homura Guren (Aogami steel No.2) knife is forged by Itsuo Doi, a famous and highly-skilled blacksmith in Japan. Hammer-forged, this knife series feature convex grinds and handles made out of half-rounded Octagonal burnt-finished Oak wood and Japanese lacquered Urushi which provides a strong essence of Japanese traditions. As Sakai Takayuki knives are all forged with the passion to innovatively create premium quality knives, users from all parts of the globe, with no doubt, have high trust in all knife releases by Sakai.