Tradition Meets Artistry: The Sakai Takayuki FUGAKU Art Mirrored Honyaki Knife Series Review

Japanese Chef Knife

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The Sakai Takayuki FUGAKU Art Mirrored Honyaki Knife series is a remarkable collection that exemplifies the pinnacle of Japanese knife-making artistry. These knives are not just cutting tools but are considered works of art, revered both for their aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.

Overview of Sakai Takayuki FUGAKU Art Mirrored Honyaki Series

Craftsmanship: The knives in this series are crafted by Togashi Kenji, one of the most acclaimed traditional blacksmiths in Sakai, Japan. The series is known for its difficulty to forge, making it rare and highly sought after.

Material and Design

The knives feature Shiroko or Shirogami #2 steel, made from famous Yasugi steel. This high carbon steel is known for its sharpness and durability. The series is characterized by a Mount Fuji patterned hamon (blade pattern), created through a traditional Water Quenching Honyaki process. This process results in a blade that is extremely hard, with excellent edge retention.


The knives are fitted with an ebony wood handle in a Japanese-style octagonal shape, providing a comfortable grip. The handle is adorned with double Buffalo Tsuba (guard), signifying high quality and durability.

Unique Aspects

Artistic Value

The FUGAKU series is not just about functionality but also about art. The Mt. Fuji honyaki shadow pattern on the backside of the knives is a testament to the true honyaki art.


Despite their artistic design, these knives are highly functional, offering precision and longevity in cutting performance. They are ideal for professional chefs and serious culinary enthusiasts.



The FUGAKU series is a hard-to-get item, with unpredictable lead times if the current stock is sold out.


These knives are considered an investment, both for their artistic value and their superior quality as kitchen tools.


The Sakai Takayuki FUGAKU Art Mirrored Honyaki series represents a beautiful fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern functionality. These knives are not only tools but also collector’s items, each one a unique representation of the skill and artistry of Japanese blacksmiths. They are highly recommended for those who appreciate the finer aspects of culinary art and knife-making.