Sakai Takayuki Non-Stick Coating VG10 Hammered WA Knife Review

Japanese Chef Knife

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Japanese knives are revered globally for their precision, beauty, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The Sakai Takayuki Non-Stick Coating VG10 Hammered WA knife stands out as a prime example of this tradition, combined with modern innovations that cater to contemporary culinary needs. This review explores the various aspects of this exquisite knife, highlighting why it might be the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Design and Materials

The Sakai Takayuki knife boasts a VG10 core, a high-carbon stainless steel that is favored for its edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The blade is clad in multiple layers of stainless steel, which not only reinforces the knife but also creates a stunning hammered (“Tsuchime”) finish. This textured surface helps reduce food sticking to the blade, facilitating a smoother cutting experience. The “WA” (Japanese-style) handle is made from magnolia wood and features a buffalo horn bolster, enhancing both the knife’s aesthetics and ergonomic comfort.


One of the most remarkable features of the Sakai Takayuki knife is its non-stick coating, which allows for effortless slicing and dicing of sticky ingredients like cheese or fish. The VG10 steel ensures the blade remains incredibly sharp, making precise cuts and mincing easy tasks. Whether it’s vegetables, meats, or fish, this knife handles all with equal finesse, significantly reducing prep time in the kitchen.


The layered steel construction not only contributes to the knife’s visual appeal but also its durability. VG10 is known for its toughness, and the additional layers of stainless steel protect the blade from the stresses of regular use. Proper care, including hand washing and drying, will ensure that the knife lasts for many years without diminishing in performance or appearance.


The Sakai Takayuki Non-Stick Coating VG10 Hammered WA knife is an investment in quality. Its price point is reflective of its high-end materials and the skilled craftsmanship required to produce such a fine tool. For culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike, the cost is justifiable by the efficiency, beauty, and longevity it brings to the kitchen.


The Sakai Takayuki Non-Stick Coating VG10 Hammered WA knife is more than just a cutting tool; it is a piece of art, embodying centuries of Japanese blacksmithing tradition along with modern technological advancements. Its elegant design, combined with exceptional functionality, makes it a must-have for those who appreciate the art of cooking as much as the art of knife-making. Whether you are chopping, slicing, or dicing, this knife promises to make every cut a joy.