Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel

Japanese Chef Knife

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The famous, bright orange-colored Salmon sashimi served with delicate, sprinkles of Caviars is just a part of the authentic Japanese cuisine combo. As Japanese food tops the world charts for its extreme, intricate processes that make the crafting of unique dishes possible, it is not a surprise how Japanese sushi and sashimi pieces lie in the hearts of gourmets worldwide. The popularity of Japanese food has increased within the past years through the words of the mouth along with positive reviews by bloggers and food lovers from distinct destinations, spreading love for the renowned originality. The delicacy and subtleness that comes along with the authentic seafood exoticness makes sashimi a food to always be remembered. Although raw ingredients may be new and unique to most diners, specifically diners from the West and non-Asian countries, the splendid combination of Wasabi dabs and Nitsume sauce threw away all the worries.

With sushi being Japan’s iconic dish of all time, its growing fame became even more prominent and clear with countless numbers of Omakase restaurants found at varying destinations. In Asia, Omakase restaurants are valued and known for their rich, cultured styles and aesthetics. Same applies to other destinations in the West, Japanese cuisine is now served not to only appeal to diners and their preferences in tastes, but also in a lifestyle-essential aspect.

As Japanese food like sushi and sashimi involves slicing through thick, raw ingredients, the mastery of the blades is highly essential and also considered among one of the most crucial skills a professional chef needs to perform all tasks successfully. Japanese knives are known for their extreme sharpness, rust and wear resistance, efficiency, blade durability, and distinctive designs original to authentic Japanese traditions. With strong foundations of the Japanese tradition, sushi and sashimi pieces are crafted with passion and idealistic approaches through the use of the knife – which explains why all master chefs need their companion blades.

Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel Knife

Sakai Takayuki is a famous, top-tier knife brand in Japan renowned for its high quality knives forged by highly skilled blacksmiths and a team of experts. With a long history which dates back to around 600 years, Sakai Takayuki knows just what a knife needs to have, what it needs to equip in itself. Among the models forged, Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel is a splendid model uniquely crafted out of the famous Yasugi Aoko or the Blue paper no.2 steel in mono-steel construction. As a prime carbon steel to specifically develop or be forged into culinary tools that require durability like knives, Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel knife wears extreme durability on its sleeve, marking it among one of the best knife models Sakai Takayuki has forged.

Crafted out of the Mahogany wood, Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel’s handle is also water resistant and very beautifully grained, as it is hand-crafted. The Aoniko line is also one of the best selections for professionals who want to have their hands on higher leveled experiences, as this series features knives with real Japanese edges. Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel knives come in various lengths to choose from, ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm.

However, varying kinds of knives in this series include: Gyuto knife, Deba knife, Petty knife, Santoku knife, Sujihiki knife, and Honesuki knife. With a wide selection of knife types and lengths professionals can choose from, Sakai Takayuki Aoniko Blue 2 Steel is definitely a perfect choice for novices and master chefs to practice and master their blade techniques and enjoy the beauty engraved in its blade body.