Homemade Sushi Tips and Tricks for Dummies

Japanese sushi

It is only right to assume that sushi is almost everywhere – sushi bars, convenient stores, and even in local food stalls. But does that mean it is a dish with simple preparations? No. To make the authentic, traditional sushi, one needs the skills to select fine ingredients suitable for the crafting of the best sashimi pieces, the skills to cute, slice, and chop, and the dedication to continuously learn all the essential techniques require to make delicious, rich-flavored sushi. The preparation process, which of course, includes the selection of equipment required to cook sushi, is also a significant component to consider. Therefore, if you’re an amateur or a novice cook, perhaps someone who dreams to become a home Japanese chef for a cause, then looking for the best equipment will help you through the process.

They say a good cook is someone who prepares

A simple research will help you cook better each time. Along with passion and dedication to gradually learn all the essentials to make good sushi, you’ll succeed in no time. People think sushi is a simple dish with easy preparations; however, it is quite the opposite of the claims. Sushi seems like a simple dish with no complications just from its appearance – as it features the look of a beautifully sliced piece of raw meat topped on moistened Japanese rice mixed with vinegar, salt, and sugar. With this, learning to make a good sushi takes time – which means that homemade sushi might be slightly different from those served at the traditional, authentic Japanese restaurants. However, learning to slowly make your own sushi at home will most probably make you proud of your own skills. Making sushi at home not only allows you to brush your skills or learns to create new dishes, but also a way to keep your expenses low – lesser dining out and more dining at home. Now, let’s see how you can make sushi at home by yourself.

You may not be able to cut perfectly thin slices of fatty tuna, or chop garlic incredibly fast like a pro, but you can cook sushi at home. First, purchase a pack of dried seaweed specifically for sushi-making. Spread the seaweed onto a bamboo mat (you can find this at a department store or a Japanese mart). Then, place cooked Japanese rice that has already been flavored and mixed with vinegar, salt and sugar onto the seaweed thoroughly. Flatten the rice onto the seaweed sheet nicely and then move on to prepare the ingredients.

If you have Salmon at home, you can slice the fish starting from the filet then cut that piece in half through the center to have it in strips. After cutting the Salmon into strips, place them on the Japanese rice that has been spread onto the mat. If you perhaps, have cooked or canned Tuna at home, spread them onto the Japanese rice and make sure to align them horizontally with the mat. Cut more slices of vegetables, for instance, carrots, cucumber, or avocado, to finish this part. After all ingredients are placed on the rice only at one end, hold and roll the sushi tightly from the end with the ingredients to the other end. Then, once it has been rolled, carefully cut the long sushi stick into smaller portions from one end to the other. Simply place these slices of sushi onto a beautiful place. You can now enjoy your very own version of homemade sushi – ready to serve with Shoyu or the typical Japanese soy sauce and Wasabi. If you like sesame, you can also sprinkle a few on top of the sushi rolls you’ve cut.